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At Westlake Wholistic Wellness our mission is to facilitate healing of the whole being utilizing holistic practices. Under the belief that all aspects of health are equally important. Emphasizing our 5 key branches of health, we aim to increase awareness, healing and education as we empower our clients to achieve and maintain optimal health






Customized Nutrition plans for weight loss/gain, special populations, immune health, and deficiencies

Specialized Fitness programs that address posture, cardio, muscle imbalances, weight loss, flexibility, and balance based on individual assessments and goals

Through increasing awareness our goal is to help clients reconnect  mind & body, achieve optimal balance, and overall mental wellbeing 

We value increasing our clients knowledge, enabling them to take control of their health. Through a progressive approach we bring education of the other 4 branches into each session    

Learn the different 

energy pathways of the body, how they relate to your health, and how your environment influences them 


FREE Wellness Consultation

60 min session FREE

A FREE one time consultation will be provided to our clients. Meeting in person or via Zoom conference your consultation will go over your goals and discuss our program in detail including our 5 branches of health and how they will impact you. 

We will outline our plan of action based on goals and feedback as we begin our process of identifying your individual needs in all 5 branches, detailing how each branch has an influence on your health. Through education, charting, and implementing progressive daily changes we will show you how to take back control of your health, as well as those closest to you.


Make a positive impact on your wellness, and get to know us as we get to know you in this low pressure environment.


 Wellness Sessions
Online and In-Home Packages available


Pricing and session length vary based on client needs and assessment 

Please contact us for more information

Includes MedGem Metabolic Testing

Weekly sessions will be specific to individual goals and needs while addressing our 5 branches of health. Our session focus will concentrate on client needs while also addressing nutritional, physical, and emotional imbalances.


Sessions will include personalized programs reviewed with our clients in their home or via video conference to ensure proper comprehension. Nutritional guidance, fitness programs, and mind body exercises will all be taught utilizing proper mechanics, intensity, and direction. 


Each weekly session will incorporate:

Nutritional Analysis

  • Assess previous weeks food log and prep for week to come

  • Specific caloric requirements based on metabolic rate


  • Strength, cardiovascular and balance training will be built into an individualized program addressing imbalances and weaknesses

  • Weekly specialized programs will focus on increasing clients knowledge of exercise mechanics and understanding the bodies physiological adaptations



  • Physical assessments determine overactive, or tight, muscles that will be stretched before and after each session while slowly implemented into your daily routine


Mind Body 

  • Ending each session will be a relaxing mind body exercise that will help to ground you and increase awareness of connection to your five branches of wellness

Our objective is to educate our clients along their wellness journey so that they begin to gain more control over their health. As our clients begin to feel more comfortable making decisions from exercise to nutrition, we will gradually move into biweekly, monthly, or remote sessions as our clients accept the responsibility of modifying their own behaviors and lifestyle.


Meet the BEANS

Matthew and Stephanie Bean relocated to Denver, NC in 2018, after living in the Huntersville/ Cornelius areas for the past 18 years. 

With the start of their family 7 years ago they began their journey into living holistically and integrating alternative therapies into their everyday life. After adopting positive lifestyle changes and noticing the impact on their families health they chose to make it their mission to help others.

With a degree in exercise science and health science education, Matthew brings over 20 years of experience. With masters level knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and how to influence it, he prides himself on building custom programs in corrective exercise and nutrition. More so, he relishes educating and sharing knowledge gained, as it empowers clients to take control of their own health.

Stephanie has almost a decade experience as a Registered Nurse working in the Charlotte area. She has experience in surgical, trauma, and cardiac nursing. Her passion lies in educating others on the connection between the mind and body, as well as environmental health. Currently she is working on her board certification in Holistic Nursing.    




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