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Corporate Wellness

WestLake Wholistic Wellness has developed an in depth Corporate Wellness Program offering a comprehensive analysis of the physical and mental health of your company. Through individual health consultations and assessments we offer a unique look into your business and employee needs. An  AEI (Awareness, Education, Implementation) wellness program will then be developed for your group specifically addressing the needs and risks of the employer and employees.  Effectively seeking to enhance the productivity and happiness of your workplace while saving the business money by decreasing insurance costs. 

Employers lose productivity and money when their employees are absent, or present but not performing well. Employee wellness and satisfaction drives motivation and productivity in the workplace. According to statistics employees who scored low on a "life satisfaction" survey stayed home from work 15 more days per year than those with higher scores. Whether you are a small start up business with a handful of employees, or a proven industry leader with hundreds, the benefits of a wellness program are proven and substantial.


Benefits of adopting a Wellness Program for your business:

  • Decrease in Insurance costs to the employer

  • Decrease employee sick days

  • Increase employee satisfaction/production

  • Increase in employee retention 

  • Increases workplace team building and cohesiveness 

Plans are tailored to business needs and can vary from semi-annual health screenings, to weekly training and educational seminars. Our Wellness programs focus on:

  • Disease Prevention/ Management

  • Nutrition

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Environmental Health

  • Workplace Community

  • Education 

Please contact us to learn more:


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