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In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.

-John F. Kennedy

We believe the better understanding our clients have of their body and it's physiology, the more likely they are to facilitate change in their behaviors. So we are here to educate you on issues relevant to your specific health and wellness concerns. 

Each session incorporates education on certain topics such as:

  • altering metabolism for weight loss 

  • hidden dangers in nutrition

  • flexibility related to joint health 

  • interval training

  • mind-body connections 

  • environmental impacts

  • role of nutrition in inflammation 

  • the bodies energy pathways, and so much more!

Clients will gradually learn how to manage their health as we teach them tools for success. We guide our clients along their journey building their knowledge progressively 

Your health is a journey not a destination, with over a decade experience teaching exercise science and nutrition, let us teach you how to navigate and take back control.


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