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Metabolic Testing 


$125 per test

 Included in wellness package purchase

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the sum of the energy needed to maintain body systems and fuel every cell over a 24hr period. The higher your metabolism the more calories you burn at rest. 


Knowing your metabolism is the key to achieving your weight management or fitness goal. Metabolism combined with your physical activity, determines the number of calories your body burns daily. In just minutes you can easily and accurately find out your RMR. 

Utilizing the FDA approved MedGem we measure an individuals indirect calorimetry and VO2 with a simple breath test that is administered in 10 minutes. 

The MedGem is a clinically-validated and FDA 510K-cleared, class II, medical device. For more information on the MedGem and testimonials visit

FDA approved, insurance companies will reimburse most clients up to 80%* of the test cost


Contact us today to schedule your in-home metabolic test

*check with you insurance policy to see individual reimbursement eligibility 

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