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Is Losing Weight hard for you?

Do you feel that you have a harder time losing weight than others? Are you constantly watching what you eat but to no avail, while others eat what they want without care?

Well you are not alone! Millions struggle daily with their weight. Weight loss has turned into a one size fits all, which could not be further from the truth. That might work if we all ate the same, at the same time, had the same jobs, same home life, same stress and extracurricular activities. But we know this is not to the case. So why do we try to make weight loss so simple and implement the same strategies with all? There are many factors that are at play in weight loss that must be recognized in order to overcome your barriers.

Your body holds on to extra weight, ie fat or adipose tissue, for many different reasons. The main reason for our bodies to store adipose tissue is to provide a backup source of energy to carbohydrates. It is an efficient way for the body to store energy without it costing the body energy. So what has turned into an unsightly presence on your midline, is really your body becoming efficient at storing the extra calories you do not burn with your metabolism and physical activity. Our bodies are machines that do not want to waste valuable fuel or calories.

But what about those watching their calories, but still can't lose weight?

Our bodies use fat cells for backup energy, but another valuable aspect lies in its role to protect the body. This comes in different forms from providing insulation and protection for vital organs and our skin, to protecting individual cells from damage internally. Water and oil (fat) don't mix well. This provides fat an invaluable role in our bodies, since we are all made up of water. Fatty acids can be used in the body to prevent unwanted movement internally. They compose the membranes of every cell so toxins can not enter the cell and create damage at will. Our bodies toxins travel in water, these toxins have a harder time crossing the fat lined membrane of cells. If it does enter the cell, your body will surround it with fatty acids to render it useless and harmless. Now it has a hard time causing damage to the cell, but now you have more fat in your cells than normal, increasing their size.

What are these toxins that can enter the cells and sabotage your weight loss?

Well there are no shortage of toxins surrounding us everyday. From the clothing dyes, fragrances, fabric cleaners, soaps, pesticides, air fresheners, envionmental toxins, to the foods and liquids we consume. Rid the body of these toxins by performing a cellular cleanse. This will help to draw the toxins out of the cells, in turn will cause the cell to relinquish the fatty acids it needed for protection. Drink plenty of water to help flush these from the system once liberated.

Another reason you might have a hard time losing weight is due to past emotional trauma.

A past emotional experience can prevent you from moving forward. These past emotional experiences can manifest themselves as physical or mental barriers that hold you back. Once these barriers are addressed you are able establish a stronger mind-body connection allowing yourself to let go of things that subconciously limited your growth like past relationships, lost ones, past physical and emotional traumas, negative thoughts, etc.

We must learn to care for ourselves inside and out in order to grow as individuals. Weight loss is a journey that should focus around the individual being and their physical and mental needs, past experiences, and personal preferences.

Most of all learn to be patient on your weight loss journey. Be postive and perform daily tasks to help yourself stay on track. I like to remind my clients that the weight did not come on over night, so let's not expect to lose it overnight. Education, persistence, and drive will lead you to your goals.

Best of luck on your journey. Feel free to reachout for navigation if you get lost!

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