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Let's talk Metabolism

What is Metabolism?

The energy cost to keep all cellular processes of the body going over a 24hr period. Your metabolism is the total number of calories your body burns each day.

Why would I want my metabolism measured?

A metabolic measurement will determine how many calories your body needs to meet your goals. Your metabolism along with your daily physical activity determines how many calories your body burns each day. If you are trying to lose weight, have hormonal irregularities, or trying to break through a plateau this is an essential piece of the puzzle.

How is my metabolism measured?

A simple breath test is administered using the MedGem which is a class II, FDA approved device. The test is administered in about 10 minutes. It measures the oxygen utilization of your body to calculate an extremely accurate metabolic rate.

Do I have to schedule a doctors visit to have the test?

No. We will come to your home and perform the test under strict health guidelines.

Why do metabolism-based programs work?

An accurate daily calorie target provides the single best piece of information available to gain or lose weight. It allows you to set an achievable goal to keep you motivated and focused.

Your metabolism determines how much you need to eat and exercise to reach your goals.

You can customize any plan to be more effective when it is based on your body’s unique characteristics.

How do I schedule my Metabolic Test?

Contact WestLake Wholistic Wellness to schedule your MedGem metabolic test

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