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Meet the Beans

It is with great pleasure we introduce ourselves, Matthew and Stephanie Bean, owners and founders of WestLake Wholistic Wellness LLC.

With over 25 years in the Health field including experience in Nursing, Education, Nutrition, Exercise Science, Fitness, Massage Therapy, and Environmental Wellness.

Matthew graduated from the University of Florida in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Health Science Education. He began his career in the fitness industry. Utilizing his knowledge of the human body and massage therapy he gravitated towards corrective exercise, addressing musculoskeletal imbalances leading to dysfunction, pain, and injury. After managing a fitness studio for years, he entered the educational setting accepting the Directors role at the National Personal Training Institute of Charlotte. Matthew has led the Charlotte program for the past 12 years. Educating various populations in depth on Health and Wellness subjects including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise program design for various populations, corrective exercise, functional assessments, and sports performance. Matthew prides himself on a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology, enabling him to educate others on their bodies and its adaptations.

Stephanie graduated from Queens University with a degree in nursing and has spent the past decade working as a Registered Nurse in Charlotte's two largest hospital systems. She has excelled in various departments including: surgery, cardiac, community nursing, and trauma. After years of caring for patients with various health problems, she saw the need for more education for patients and their families. Filling the gap between traditional and natural health care, her focus has shifted to health promotion and environmental impacts on health.

Their journey into holistic health started with the birth of their first child. They sought out the care of a holistic nurse to help navigate breastfeeding a newborn with a dairy allergy. As new parents Matthew and Stephanie were overwhelmed with trying to raise a baby the healthiest way possible. Through education in nutrition and lifestyle choices, simple changes had a huge impact on the health of their baby. Their introduction to holistic wellness was life changing and the benefits were undeniable. She knew she had found her calling, and they had to educate others in holistic alternatives for health and wellbeing.

Blending their backgrounds in Health, Matthew and Stephanie chose to pursue the dream of starting their own Wellness company to give back to others in March 2021. With the pandemic changing everyones lifestyle, we saw the demand to provide a much needed service to clients and families encompassing our five branches of Health.

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